by Liege

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(free) 01:28


released February 22, 2012



all rights reserved


Liege Redding, California

As a unit, Liege has developed into a premier metal band North of Sacramento that audiences enjoy. Odd meter and experimental phrasings push this five piece to the limits of modern metal. The infusion of jazz, rock, and metal can be found throughout the scorching lead lines, bedazzling bass beats, and tasteful vocal surroundings. ... more

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Track Name: Children of Atom (ft. Miles Pollard)
Further and further I see. X2
I see him coming.
Behold he’s coming with the clouds.
Every eye shall be blinded by his glory.
Every ear shall be stricken deaf by the thunder of his voice.
Your king has long been dead.
Embrace your new king, your new god.
Embrace this cause.
Track Name: King Kong
Ask any man of religion and they will all say the same thing; “God made us in his image.”
God is not just some silhouette made of light in the sky.
He is you, me, him, and her.
God is not above us or below us.
We are god.
All the belief, all the feelings, all the chains of events; are not controlled by god.
They are controlled by you, because only you are your god.
We are god. X3
Rely on yourself.
Substantive, personal, narcissistic, individualization.
Try to come to terms with the actuality that it is just you.
So instead of gazing up into the beautiful heavens looking for guidance, place your faith and confidence in yourself.
Once you’re here you’re on your own.
All the belief, all the feeling, all these chains of events; are not put in place by some higher power.
All the good that happens in this messed up world is either just luck or people with hearts. X3
Substantive, personal, narcissistic, individualization.
Try to come to term with the actuality that it is just your.
So instead of gazing up into the beautiful heaven, place your faith in confidence in yourself.
Track Name: Padawan
A frail existence, a narrow path, stray this course or you will know the price of failure.
If there’s a hell, it’s churning in those eyes.
The price of failure.
The glassy pools of black and stained with rising tides, but, digress.
Our encounter stricken with grief of man.
Immortal yearnings, I feel but erased again.
Buried between our living and your dead.
The abominate taste leaves me nauseated.
Before I trace this thought again should we know.
Should we know.
If we were wrong again.
Track Name: Respawn
Who will stand by me?
Who will go the distance with me?
I’m waiting for that one day, that someday to come.
This is just the beginning.
We are so much more than this.
Better hope for the best and expect the worst.
We’re gonna make our move.
We’re gonna light the night, and shake everything.
This apathetic prosthetic way of life is not what I want.
I want to take it to the next level.
I want to do this til the day I die.
Dreams die and hopes fade, that’s just the way this life is.
Show them what you can do.
Show them what you’re made of.
In the end we’re all fucking sad. X3
In the end of it all, I wish everyone the best of luck.
Keep your head up high.